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table d'hôte

Indian Regional Specialties

'The Hillside Wok' - Authentic Chinese Kitchen 

7:00hrs to 10:30hrs

12:00hrs to 15:00hrs

19:00hrs to 22:00hrs

A name that is true to its location, filled with a historic atmosphere, a medley of cuisines, and hosting a unique selection that is changed daily...


Welcome to Birdwood, a restaurant that lets you indulge your love for food and relish it in the alpine environment that surrounds you. We try our best to source locally grown fruits, vegetables and spices, and incorporate them into all our dishes.


The already exquisite Asian and regional cuisines are perfected by the fresh mountain air. What more could one ask for?

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The Watering Hole

Cocktails & Nibbles

11:00hrs to 23:00hrs

A place of tranquility and comfort, where the clock ticks at whatever pace you want it to; The Watering Hole is there for you to let your mind wander. Ideal for those who crave the finest malts, the most superlative pints, a medley of alpine cocktails or that perfect blend of your favourite brew.

As the day progresses this bar, like the hunting lodges of yore, draws you towards it with its extensive collection of Jazz albums and ballads.


It doesn’t matter whether the sun is above the mountains or below them, The Watering Hole is here to quench your thirst and leave you asking for more. 


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The Sky Lounge

A La Carte, Canapes

Drinks & Afternoon Tea

07:00hrs to 22:00hrs

The tranquil space, the enchanting afternoons, the enormous pine trees, and the utter grandeur of the Himalayas. We are sure that you will be spending a lot of time here, and we therefore entertain and indulge all your senses, and leave them spellbound.

Expect to be delighted by the casual and relaxed dining experience and the magnificent beauty around you. 

The evening at The Lawns are resplendent with camaraderie, as well as the often stimulating conversations of the guests.

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Kasauli Bakehouse

Boulangerie | Patisserie

On Order

The Kasauli Bakehouse is charming, quixotic and an experience that is as mouthwatering as it is wonderous.

We bake our own bread, preserve our jams and take pride in our selection of cakes and pastries.


Order in advance so that we can cater to your cravings and indulgences. 

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