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The Watering Hole Bar 


With views of the mountains and beyond.

A 10 minute walk downhill from the Mall Road.


1100 hours - 2300 hours 

The Daleside Manor Hotel, Near MES Inspection Bungalow, Kasauli Cantonment. 

A place of tranquility and comfort, where the clock ticks at whatever pace you want it to; The Watering Hole is there for you to let your mind wander. Ideal for those who crave the finest malts, the most superlative pints, a medley of alpine cocktails or that perfect blend of your favourite brew.

As the day progresses this bar, like the hunting lodges of yore, draws you towards it with its extensive collection of Jazz albums and ballads.


It doesn’t matter whether the sun is above the mountains or below them, The Watering Hole is here to quench your thirst and leave you asking for more. 


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